Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Born in Texas

Truman Laughing 2.17.09
Originally uploaded by CatrinaD
Everyone says babies don't smile til they're 8 weeks old. "They" say that anything before then is just gas. I don't believe them. Truman's only 6 weeks old tomorrow but Craig got talking about the good steak he was going to grill up this weekend for Alf's visit and the kid just went nuts.


I had enough time to grab the camera and as soon as Craig started talking about steaks again, his whole face just lit up. He's TOTALLY a Dawson Boy.


Blogger Carrie Fairy Thoughts said...

You know what?? I think babies smile before that date that is estimated for them to do so...TOTALLY!! That is a smile on his face in this picture! No doubt!! So cute Catrina!!

I was going to tell you that my blog is up now...Not so good - but I am just getting started...www.carriefairythoughts.blogspot.com....


2/19/2009 12:17 AM  

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