Monday, February 09, 2009

My Nomination for Man of the Year

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Craig outdid himself last night.

Seriously. Every bit was a page right out of a "How to Win a Woman's Heart" playbook:

I got home from a walk with a girlfriend and he had dinner started and a beautiful blue box from Swarovski sitting on the kitchen counter. He uncorked a bottle of Asti champagne and poured two glasses into my favorite fancy flutes. We enjoyed the champagne and some delicious baked brie while he cooked dinner (rib eye steak, rice and broccoli) and I opened the box containing a gorgeous bracelet.

After dinner, as we were loading the dishwasher, he asked me to run upstairs and grab a bowl that was sitting by his bed (totally believable). When I got upstairs, though, our entire master suite was alight in candles…EVERYWHERE. And there was another blue box by my nightstand and one by the Jacuzzi. After a couple of quick manipulations to get Truman situated with entertainment, we took a lovely bath.

Then, I opened up the two blue boxes, which contained the matching necklace and earrings to the bracelet.

He capped off the evening with a lovely backrub.

I count my blessings every day for this man who does things like this for me and still finds time to climb up on the roof and fix a leak near the chimney, carry the garbage, prepare our taxes, go back to school and work 40+ hours a week.

I’m so lucky.


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