Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truman 9 Month Update

Somehow in the craziness of life the last couple of months, I forgot to post a 9-month Truman update. Oops. I'm a terrible parent. So sue me.

He's now 21 pounds and 29 inches long. That puts him at the 75 percentile for both height and weight and he's at the 90th percentile for his head circumfrence. I think this bodes well for him being a highly intelligent and well-functioning boy.

He's getting FAST. Truman has successfully climbed both flights of stairs to the second story multiple times (supervised, of course). He flies around the house in his walker. We have to be careful to keep the bathroom doors closed or else we'll walk in on him playing with his favorite toy: toilet paper, strewn all about the bathroom.

He's an expert crawler and really would like to walk. I think that's coming soon.

He LOVES music, especially the piano and drums. Every Tuesday, he takes a Kindermusik class with our nanny and just loves the interaction and the music. I'm thinking that some good fun drums are in his future for Christmas.

He's becoming vocal, but has yet to say his first discernable word. Once he starts talking, though, LOOK OUT! This one has got things to say!

Fortunately, he seems relatively unphased by all that's been going on in the house with the stress and anxiety about Craig's cancer. If anything, he's been especially SPOILED with all of the visitors we've had.

While it's been nice to have so many visitors, it will also be nice once Craig starts treatment on Monday to have an excuse to just shut the rest of the world out and hibernate for a bit. To be a family unit and spend some time together, just the three of us.


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More videos of the future PAI!

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