Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Throwing a Wrench in My Plans

I DID end up running the White Rock Lake Half Marathon on the 13th. AND I did really well! I improved my pace from when I ran the Madison Half Marathon in 2007 and maintained the pace I had set during the 8 mile Turkey Trot, too.

Of course, now my hip is all jumbled up. I have no idea what I did to it, but it is SORE. I thought at first that it was just normal post-long run achiness, but I've been feeling like this for over a week now. I tried running twice and both times it was really painful. Even just walking the dogs is uncomfortable.

I'm off to the chiropractor this afternoon and my general family doctor tomorrow to try and nail down what's going on.

Especially with everything I want to eat during the next week, now is DEFINITELY NOT the time to stop running!


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